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Do you already know the popular CLUSE watches?  This is the watch brand that you regularly spot nowadays on the arm of all kinds of trendy fashion bloggers, vloggers and enthusiasts! You just MUST have this one. The secret to these must-have timepieces? The designs are simple and beautiful. Incidentally, simple does not refer to "ordinary". Simply splendor in all its simplicity. With this every lady gets the best out of her look. Want to have such a beautiful CLUSE watch? Good news: they are also very affordable. So quickly choose your favorite from the collection. You will find the most beautiful specimens on this page!


CLUSE is about finding beauty in simplicity. At least, that's how the brand describes its story. As far as we are concerned, they have more than succeeded. The watches of this brand are simple, but no less special or stylish. Special and therefore very popular is the CLUSE watch with black or white marble screen, made of real stone: it has become the ultimate fashion must-have among accessories. But that is of course not all. The CLUSE collections include a very extensive range of different colored straps and - usually ultra-thin - dials and cases. These straps are also equipped with a handy click system, so that you can easily change them as desired. Straps are also available separately for this reason. That means that with CLUSE you have a watch in hand that always matches your outfit and style. Every day again.


Such a great brand will of course not go unnoticed. It is not without reason that this brand is the "hype" among fashion bloggers and vloggers. The brand therefore has many ambassadors. We understand why: it is difficult not to get enthusiastic about this brand. Are you already a fan? Time to pick your own favorite (and yes, fun too: they're affordable for everyone!). Before you know it, you will be an ambassador of CLUSE!


Stylish, affordable and of very good quality: what more could you want? And when you have found your favorite CLUSE accessory, you can of course order it at Jewelzshop. This is possible in one of our stores (you can find us in Eindhoven and The Hague), but if you do not live in the area, you can also do it online. Easy and 100% safe. If you also complete your order before 4.30 pm, we will post your package the same day. In most cases this means: on the doorstep tomorrow! From that moment on, you also have 14 days to adjust your watch in peace, try it out and possibly exchange or return it. Do you have any further questions about the collection, the ordering process or your shipment? Don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help! Finally: are you going to make someone else happy with a gift from CLUSE? Let us know and we will arrange a nice gift box. Have fun with your purchase!