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Giorgio Armani: the man behind the world famous Emporio Armani. He creates very extensive fashion collections for men and women who live a modern life and who want to dress with a sense of informal sophistication. The collection clearly has a youthful spirit that can be recognized mainly by its dynamic and powerful designs. The Emporio Armani brand is best known for its beautiful jewelry and watches. Successfully. In 2001 Armani was named "Most Successful Italian Designer Ever". Jewelz could therefore of course not lag behind and added the Emporio Armani collection to its online collection. View the most beautiful Armani watches and Armani jewelry in our webshop. Have you found your favorite? Order it before 4:00 PM (on a working day), then you will receive your watch or jewelry tomorrow!


With Armani watches you can assume that you always have a reliable time display and of course a long life. The quality of Armani watches has also been carefully considered and whether it meets the standard that Armani sets for all products. The watches are made of modern materials, but always with a classic style. At Jewelz you will find the watches with a round or square shape and some models are in the form of a bracelet. We have both a women's and a men's collection available.

In terms of design, an Armani watch fits perfectly with a modern lifestyle and casual look. The brand combines the best of the past and present: modern material combined with the most beautiful classic details. Watches of all times. Whether you opt for a luxury or a sporty version: the Armani watch tells something about the wearer!

The Emporio Armani brand (there is also a "Georgio Armani" brand) stands for stylish, high-end style. If you are looking for modern and stylish jewelry, you will soon end up at Emporio Armani. Both ladies and gentlemen can indulge themselves here. The Jewelz collection is extensive: opt for an Armani bracelet, ring or necklace, for example. The items have a cool touch and a sleek design. Perfectly fitting in the current era. The logo is always recognisably applied to the piece of jewelry, which is therefore always clearly recognizable as an "Emporio Armani". Frequently used materials are stainless steel and leather, colors that often recur are silver, black and also - but to a lesser extent - gray. Classic colors, classic ornaments and classic Italian: these are the jewelry of Emporio Armani.


Come and admire the beautiful watches and jewelry in one of our stores. You are more than welcome in our branches in Eindhoven and The Hague. Our employees are happy to help you find a piece of jewelry that suits you perfectly! Do you prefer to shop relaxed from the couch at home? You can also contact us online! You do not have to worry that you will have to wait a long time for your new acquisition, because if you order before 4 pm on a working day, we will post your package the same day. In most cases this means that you will have your Emporio Armani on your doorstep the next day! Do you have any questions about ordering online? You can contact our friendly customer service!